Overall, A Quiet Week On The Way.

Monday, March 5th

Hello all… well that was a week of weather I truly hope never happens again.  Tornadoes last Wednesday and Friday followed up by wintry weather last night and this morning. As a matter of fact, the snow last night was our biggest snow of the season.  It appears the average snowfall was in the 1 to 4 inch range.   I know I had just about 4 inches on my deck this morning…

 Check out the visible satellite from this morning.  You can clearly see the snowfall area from last night’s fast moving clipper system.  Basically from near I-64 and points north across Indiana and a little to the south of I-64 across Kentucky is where the snow came down.

So, what’s next???  The good news… some quiet weather !  A warming trend will commence tomorrow and this latest batch of snow will be history by then.  The next system is a batch of energy plunging into the Pacific NW today but this energy is expected to split.  One piece continuing to move across the northern tier of the county and southern Canada and the other piece lagging behind and getting cut off from the main jet stream. Here are the maps showing the strong energy as of this evening in the northwest, but by Wednesday you can see how the energy has split into 2 distinct pieces.

The northern energy will send a front through here on Thursday with a few showers associated with it but aside from that, it looks like it will be a dry and quiet week across the Ohio Valley – something we all need desperately. Have a great day…

Jay C


About Jay Cardosi

Chief Meteorologist of WLKY-TV in Louisville, KY. Over 20 years of experience and winner of 4 emmy awards for excellence in weather forecasting and severe weather coverage.
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