Saturday Afternoon Update

okay, Matt, Jared, and myself have been in constant contact with each other discussing the models …  I think it’s safe to say we can bring the alert level for Louisville from a defcon 3 situation back to a defcon 1.   Folks, this thing is going south of Louisville. It looks like the best threat for some accumulating wet snow (starting tomorrow mid/late AM) will be along and south of the Parkways in KY.  Still a threat for 2 to 4 inches of wet snow in this region tomorrow.  A few flurries possible in Louisville but actually, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to not even see a flake of snow in the metro.   Jared is hard at work fine tuning the details of the snow potential with this system and will have the very latest on air at 6pm tonight.  We’ll also keep you updated for any and all changes that could take place from now until tomorrow – but confidence is getting higher and higher that the best chances for the wet snow look to be well south of Louisville and near but especially south and east of the Western and Bluegrass Parkways.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend..


Jay C


About Jay Cardosi

Chief Meteorologist of WLKY-TV in Louisville, KY. Over 20 years of experience and winner of 4 emmy awards for excellence in weather forecasting and severe weather coverage.
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1 Response to Saturday Afternoon Update

  1. Lucy says:

    Jay, I appreciate you sharing all the knowledge and charts with us all. It’s fun to think about a possible snow hitting the Metro. Even though storm tracks may end up different than what’s first expected, it is interesing to follow your line of thought along with corresponding map data. Even if we don’t end up with the snow, like what occurred in the most recent storm, at least we got to follow the path. I’m sure we will get our storm sometime. We had ten inches in March a while back. In any case, if not this winter, then let’s plan on next winter. Surely we won’t have two mild winters in a row.

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