Thursday Late night Update

Okay… like I talked about in the previous post, this system is still trending north on the latest 00z runs of both the GFS and NAM.   This is still looking like a light rain to wet snow scenario.  If (IF) these latest models are correct, it should be snowing like there’s no tomorrow with those big-fat flakes when we wake up Sunday morning.  I still think the models have some more adjusting to do though because the system right now is over old Mexico and the raob / weather data network down there is not the best… and this will affect the output of models (in this case the storm track and it could be substantial).  I really don’t think this system is going to “show its hand” until later Friday.  But if you are a snow lover (like I am) keep praying to those snow gods. This could the one big snow of the winter season.

here’s the latest NAM snow chart… 6 to 12 inches from Louisville and points south !! Will it happen ?? Certainly possible, but again, I think we’ll still see some adjustments in the overall track of the storm… Have a great night and enjoy Friday’s weather – it’s gonna be a great afternoon !

More during the day on Friday.

Jay C


About Jay Cardosi

Chief Meteorologist of WLKY-TV in Louisville, KY. Over 20 years of experience and winner of 4 emmy awards for excellence in weather forecasting and severe weather coverage.
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5 Responses to Thursday Late night Update

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh, and while you are planning the storm (never mind, only God can do that) could you have the storm stay on top of the Ohio valley and not just push way off to the east leaving southern Indiana and Louisville with nothing. Last year it seemed that snow fell all around us and we were a small snowless dot on the map.

  2. Lucy says:

    It had better trend a little more north to give those of us in souther Indiana 12 inches. Please……
    When you say Louisviille and south, do you mean Clark and Floyd county too. Please say yes…..

  3. jeremy stickels says:

    Hey jay

    When you say adjustments… you think this thing will eventually trend more north and west with time? It seems most southern storms in their last 24 to 36 hours trend this way. What are your thoughts ? We snow lovers deserve just one big mamma of a doozy snowstorm. Afterall….we’ve been very patient and haven’t griped one bit this winter….lol…at least I.haven’t ….

    Thanks for all you do….
    Jeremy from crandall Indiana.

    • Jay Cardosi says:

      Jeremy, there could be some adjustment north. If anything the NAM has actually wobbled back south this latest run. Again, since it’s still over old Mexico, I don’t think the track is set in stone. We’ll watch it close

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