Severe Weather Threat – Update

11:45AM Sunday 1/22/12

Couple of quick points to make this morning about the weather situation … with a full update later this afternoon.

  1. The SPC has placed the western half of the viewing area in a Moderate Risk for severe weather… the primary threat is damaging wind gusts of 60-80 mph.
  2. Related note – SPC has a 5% tornado probability for our area. I DO think we see tornado warnings tonight because storms will be rotating. However, IF we do not see temperatures warm above 55 or 57 degrees our tornado threat is greatly lessened. More on this later.
  3. High-resolution models still indicate a powerful line of storms moving eastward between 12AM and 5AM in the viewing area.

An example of this:

High-Resolution Model 2AM ET

A full update in just a short while. Stay tuned.



About Jared Heil

Meteorologist at WLKY-TV in Louisville, KY. Catch Jared's forecast Saturday nights at 6 & 11PM. Jared Heil has always lived in the Louisville area. He was born and raised in Henryville, Ind., about 20 minutes north of downtown Louisville. Jared is thrilled to be forecasting the weather in his hometown. Jared hopes that his knowledge of the Greater Louisville area, stemming from living here his entire life, will prove to be helpful during times of active weather. You may see Jared at the University of Louisville, where he is continuing his studies in the Atmospheric Science program. Jared is a member of the American Meteorological Society. In his free time, Jared enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He has two golden retrievers, Max and Gordon. Jared says that growing up on his family’s farm led him to appreciate nature in all its forms, likely leading to his passion for weather at a very early age. While he appreciates the occasional thunderstorm, Jared’s favorite weather is sunshine and 80 degrees. Add in the palm trees and it’s easy to see why Jared’s favorite vacation destination is Florida!
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2 Responses to Severe Weather Threat – Update

  1. Brandi McClure says:

    WLKY is by far the BEST and most accurate weather on tv! All the crew is fun to watch and like when they cut up with each other! It makes them more like real people! I will tell you that a yr or so ago I emailed 4 different tv stations on a report of Kosairs not letting a seizure alert dog come into the hospital to be by the boys side during his stay. It was about an hour or 2 later you guys were all over the story! I want to thank you for this and would love for you guys to do an update on the story of the boy with a rare Epilepsy condition! Thanks!! and keep on doing a great job!

  2. Betsy Moody says:

    Just wanted to let you and the WLKY team know I love watching you guys and you are my fave weather and news show. Keep up the gr8 work=)

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